We are a new C2C small business team whose goal is to help our clients save their cats and improve their quality of life so that cats can be healthier and safer and enjoy a high quality of daily life, and we want to be there for you and your cat in a timely manner.

Our team was formerly a cat rescue organization and we adopted many abandoned cats, often with physical immune diseases, or physical defects, who were abandoned by their original owners for various reasons, and we adopted them, and with the help of our veterinarians, we rescued these cats. 

Through rescuing the cats, we developed the idea of setting up an online store, and by selling FIP Treatment Liquid online, we hope to help more cats. At the same time, our cats are using these FIP Treatment Liquids every day, so we are customers of our online store ourselves.

"We have helped almost all the cats on this street and now they are living a very happy life, the cats are free, we let them out to play and they come back on time for their favorite cat food, some times they get hurt outside, but we help them in time" Grace -CEO

24-hour online customer support, please contact us by signing up for online chat, email or phone SMS
☎ ‪+1(347)875-0555‬ ‬  Note:If the phone is not answered, please send phone SMS to customer support.
📧 vhdbcgrvshv@gmail.com
🏠US Warehouse Location: Douglasville,GA;Los Angeles,CA                             

🏠Japan Warehouse Location:Osaka Prefecture

🏠Europe Warehouse Location:Germany

🏠Other Warehouse Location:China