News About FIP News Hub: Latest on Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) Treatments

At, we aggregate the most important developments in curative therapies for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Bookmark this portal to stay current on FIP breakthroughs changing how this deadly coronavirus disease is treated in cats.Learn more to  view News Hub.

Top stories explore the discovery of GS-441’s ability to potently block viral replication that causes FIP. This medicine represents a paradigm shift, leading to rapid clinical remission even in terminal cases. It is now first-choice for FIP treatment as covered by media outlets.

Additional coverage highlights how was founded to connect cat owners with educational support and access to antiviral medicines like GS-441. By partnering with pharmaceutical suppliers and veterinarians, we have aided over 30,000 FIP-positive cats globally since 2021.

We also compile the latest on compassionate release programs providing early GS-441 access while still undergoing trials. These special arrangements grant pre-approval for terminal FIP cats to receive this breakthrough medicine right away – saving lives that would otherwise succumb far too soon.

Stay on top of the rapidly evolving landscape of curative FIP therapies by regularly checking our news portal. Or get started by browsing top stories now.

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