2 kilograms of strawberries. At that time, I checked various related information online. I followed the advice of the FIP.health helper and got vaccinated in advance.

Strawberry’s journey to fight FIP with GS441524

My cat, Strawberry, has stopped taking GS injections on time for more than half a year. Basically I keep exercising every day, and I haven’t seen anything unusual so far. Because I have experience, I usually pay special attention to the little one's condition. This time I really want to thank the veterinarian for his patience and seriousness. The veterinarian said that the recurrence depends on the living environment of the parents and the cat to avoid being frightened again, because cats are very timid animals, and they also think that raising cats is really too easy. When I was diagnosed with FIP, I felt like the sky was falling. I was really desperate. I was afraid that I would not be able to support myself financially enough to stop the injection. But I never expected that from the time I was diagnosed to the time I stopped the injection, I only spent US$1,000 on GS441524 injections. The recovery process was It went very smoothly too. The veterinarian was very responsible and saved me from delaying Strawberry's treatment.

If the cat's stress is low, the parent can continue to treat the cat for 84 days. If the pressure is high, you can stop the injection earlier after confirming that the cat’s indicators are normal. The specific cost depends on the weight difference of each cat. If the cat is lighter, the dosage will be smaller, and the cost will be relatively less. And the injection should be given as early as possible. If you delay it for a long time, the condition will worsen.

Because I was under a lot of financial pressure, I didn’t waste time. After I was diagnosed, I went to the helper of FIP.health and bought FIP Treatment Liquid. I administered it myself. I administered it for 10 days and went for a review (Strawberry’s veterinarian recommended a 3-week review). I was worried about the health of Strawberry, so I went for a re-examination in advance to see if the injection had any effect. The result of the re-examination was that all indicators of Strawberry had recovered satisfactorily. Then I re-examined it three weeks later. There has been no recurrence since graduation.

Approximate costs related to FIP

1. 10 bottles, an average of 0.7 ml per day, for 70 days

2.40 liver-protecting tablets:

3.Sunuo: 10 capsules, a total of 10 days

4.Injections: Injections at the veterinary hospital for the first three days, then by yourself

5.Needles: 70 pcs

Hospital examination: 2 times, biochemistry test, white ball ratio from 0.4-0.8, a total of 70 medications before and after. Review once. 2 kilograms of strawberries. At that time, I checked various related information online. I followed the advice of the FIP.health helper and got vaccinated in advance. When I was diagnosed, I checked the biochemistry and nothing else. I can work backwards, but I am afraid of misdiagnosis. Checked it out. I am really grateful to FIP.health for helping Strawberry defeat FIP and become a FIP Fighter! Thanks

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